Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Buckets of Blood Masterpost

There's a Chainsaw Wizard and a Re-Animator. Locheil wrote a Loser Assassin, Sundered wrote a Hot Rod from Hell, and PurpleCthulhu wrote an ingenious framework for stringing the whole thing together. By now, the sensitive reader will surely have picked up on the hot new craze that's undeniably sweeping the GLOGosphere.

We're calling it Buckets of Blood and it fucking rules.

This is a game of surreal B-movie schlock, a descent into the mythic underworld of the 1980s as much informed by the oevres of such luminaries as John Carpenter, Stephen King, David Cronenberg, and their ilk as by any actual true fact about what life was like back then. The world is beset by rampaging anti-Satanist moms and government cover-ups, the hordes of cultists or zombies or whatever are out there just begging to be taught a lesson through lethal force, the prog rock is overcomplicated and glorious, and the gore is rendered in loving detail. It's got a coy psychedelic undertone and maybe even some capital-T Themes drifting through the opaque red haze? I leave that for the reader to decide.

You ever seen the movie Mandy? Directed by Panos Cosmatos, stars Nic Cage as a guy in the woods in 1983 who tries some tainted LSD and goes on a righteous chainsaw-assisted murder rampage? That's Buckets of Blood. Watch it. Watch Evil Dead, too, and watch They Live and It (the one with Tim Curry). Watch everything George Romero ever directed. Watch every B-movie you can get your hands on, and try to avoid thinking too hard about any of it- just sit back and enjoy. But not too much TV, because it rots your brain. Long live the new flesh.

I'll keep this post updated with all the Buckets of Blood posts I know about.


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Loser Assassin

Hot Rod from Hell

Man in Black

Dabbler Cultist

Tinfoil Psychic

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Secret Cryptid



Blacksmoke Sorcerer

Chainsaw Killer




Classical Cultist



Midnight in the Desert

Dave's Motel and Diner


  1. This is sick, don't know why it has taken me so long to find this. Does Buckets of Blood have its own GLoG hack or does it use another?

    1. From what I understand it's a work in progress. Significant progress has been made!


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